Painting Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

If you are someone who likes to DIY painting their homes and ceilings, it is important that one has proper tools which is the key to efficient and polished results. There are many kinds of fancy painting gadgets and accessories. Here are some of the tools that every homeowner should have.

A paint can opener

Most often than not, people use screwdrivers to help open a paint can, but screwdrivers can easily damage the lid and affect the seal of the can, which can be hard to re-close. One can easily use a paint can opener which also doubles as a soda bottle opener which can help you both ways.

Painter’s tape

Painters tape have a less aggressive adhesive which is much better than masking tape. It has helped one understanding and removing the masking tape, which can help one resolve the problem. With painter’s tape, it is best that one can pull the tape free as soon as possible when done and it will help with any kind of tearing or even lifting off your fresh paint. Painter’s tape is one of the best which will make sure that everything is done well, especially if you are amateur.

Small putty knife

A small putty knife allows one to have the right paint embedded into the woodworks which helps on achieve a tighter seal. There are many ways which can use a putty knife from scraping surfaces, paint drips and every cutting the tape clean in the corners. It is important that you first learn some of the best ways to use the putty knife before you go ahead with the tricks.

Roller sleeves

Roller sleeves is one of the best ways to ensure that you have the right roller link embedded into the fresh paint. This allows one to have the right plastic liners, which can make it almost impossible to clean for reuse. The sleeves with naps do not hold enough paint under. This can show more roller marks as the coat is much thinner.

Goof roller frame

A good roller frame can last forever from holding the sleeves and from slipping off the end of the frame while rolling. These are something which can hinder your wall from getting a beautiful light layer. A roller frame is generally 9 inches which is made form wide open spaces which can easily help you get in narrow spaces.

Extendable handles

Extendable handles allow one to frame the rollers well, which can help ensure that you are using the right leverage to help reach the hands and the arms. The arms not only allow one to speed up the process but also make sure that you do not tear your wrist.

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